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Gas Processing

Chiyoda Corporation has constructed a large number of LNG production facilities, but our specialty and experience are much wider. They cover the entire natural gas treatment field, specifically including liquid separation plants at natural gas wellheads, natural gas receiving facilities, gas treating processes that refine gas to satisfy the source material standard of LNG production facilities or the standard of sales gas, transport of product gas, and storage facilities.
Here is an introduction to gas treating facility technology, a subset of the upstream/gas processing technologies that we have.

Gas Treating Facilities

A gas treater is a set of plants for processing gas that satisfies the source material standard of an LNG production facility or the sales gas standard, which specifically consists of the acid gas removal process, sulfur recovery process, tail gas treatment process, and dehydration and organic sulfur removal process which uses a molecular sieve. The facility efficiently removes acid gas components from the source gas, recovers the removed sulfur components as high quality elemental sulfur and is thus very important to the environmental performance of the entire system.

Relevant Technologies