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Advanced Engineering Technology

Project Lifecycle Engineering (PLE) requires various technologies in each phase. Chiyoda incorporates the latest technologies and codes/standards to promote manual preparation and standardization, and at the same time, Chiyoda introduces or develops technologies necessary to implement PLE with the aim of a more efficient and reliable plant design. For example, recognizing the importance of process simulation, Chiyoda has been developing various simulators/tools since the 1970’s, and is highly regarded by clients for the high-precision of basic designs. Continuing in this spirit, Chiyoda is active in introducing and customizing useful tools in the design phase.
In this era of information technology, using systems which integrate these simulators/tools organically, Chiyoda designs increasingly larger and more complicated plants in a more efficient and precise manner with a combination of “Design by Rule,” in which existing manuals and design approaches are followed, and “Design by Analysis,” in which tailored analyses are carried out to design important areas using Similation and Analysis Technology.
In engineering work, it is important that the information created in each design phase is organically linked in an integrated manner. Using the latest Engineering for IT, Chiyoda has constructed a system with a data warehouse at its center that achieves efficient design information flow from upstream to downstream, as well as from the head office, to worldwide design offices, vendors, clients, and construction sites, offering more efficient and reliable design.
In addition, to maintain and improve design quality, Chiyoda uses LLDB (Lessons Learned Database), a database designed so that various types of knowledge obtained from design experience can be retrieved whenever necessary, and the Reliability Program, a design verification system that operates according to the progress of the design work.

Chiyoda Group is continuing efforts toward improving and developing technologies necessary for each PLE phase. For utility facilities, for example, Chiyoda offers client a well-balanced Integrated Utility technology while improving various utility technologies with a focus on energy and water.

Plant Lifecycle Engineering