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Chiyoda has been engineering and constructing refinery for over the years, with focus of continuous innovation. We can offer the total package for your refinery, including Feasibility Study, Front End Engineering Design, Detail Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Start-up Assistance, and Maintenance / Inspection service.

Our offer also includes process technologies to meet your environment requirements and to improve refinery profitability.

Related Technologies
  • Ultra Low desulfurization process for gas oil
    -Reduces the sulfur content in gas oil to below the limit of the environmental standards.
  • Mild hydrocracking of vacuum gas oil (VGO)
    -Improves the product yield of middle distillates compared with VGO desulfurization.
  • Residuum oil supercritical extraction (ROSE™)
    -Separation of asphaltenes from heavy oil using supercritical solvents
  • EUREKA® process
    -Thermal cracking process for heavy oil
  • OCR(Onstream Catalyst Replacement) process
    -Pretreatment (Demetallization) process for Atmos Residue HDS
  • Vacuum Residue HDS process
    -Our experience of VR-HDS cover over 70% of the domestic market and 35% of the world market
  • refinery energy-saving consultation
  • FCC power recovery, etc.
Chiyoda’s Role in the Refining Field

Chiyoda provides a wide range of services from planning phase to EPC, O&M, expansion, revamping etc., based on our extensive experience, knowledge of plant lifecycle engineering and to high health, safety and environmental standards.

Process Plant

A typical flow scheme of a new oil refinery is shown below. We deal with various kinds of facilities , some of which is our own technology.