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Technologies for the Future

Technical Development Efforts for the Future

Chiyoda aims to contribute to realizing an earth-friendly society through offering process technologies with a focus on energy and environment. To achieve this, Chiyoda is always trying to offer the latest process technologies in energy-related fields (LNG technology, petroleum refining technology, etc.), environment-related fields (flue gas desulfurization technology, denitration technology, water treatment technology, etc.) and other various fields (manufacture of petrochemical and chemical products, Pharmaceuticals, foods, etc.).
In recent years, in addition to traditional issues, such as process streamlining, energy saving, and pollution control, two new issues have arisen: depletion of fossil resources and global warming. In these circumstances, Chiyoda believes the mission of engineering is to offer solutions toward becoming a low-carbon society that enables sustainable growth.
More specifically, Chiyoda is conducting research and development aimed at creating an earth-friendly and low-carbon society that enables sustainable growth. For example, Chiyoda is developing new synthetic gas production processes, new heating furnaces, CCT (Clean Coal Technology), CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology, environmental catalyst materials, and technology to transport a large amount of hydrogen over long distances.

Development Efforts toward Addressing "Depletion of Energy Resources" and "CO2 Emissions" Issues
  1. Synthesis Gas Production Process
  2. Clean Coal Technology (CCT)
  3. CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)