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Chiyoda Advanced Solutions(ChAS)

ChAS (Chiyoda Advanced Solution) Project Operations, we can provides the Consulting Service, Simulation and Analyses. Seeking combined solution. Chiyoda Corporation combines and integrates diverse technological components to provide optional solutions for issues and problems our customers face. And while we help improve the reliability and safety of our customers’ equipment, we assist them with maximizing their profits by providing consultation on business process improvement and information management and comprehensively developing related systems at every phase of their equipment’s lifecycle – from planning, design, and construction to operations and maintenance – from the standpoint of project lifecycle engineering (PLE).


Analysis technologies aimed at improving reliability

We improve the reliability of plants being constructed or renovated, ensure their long service life, and improve their environmental performance, quality, and productivity by applying a range of advanced simulations and analyses of Process Dynamics, Structural, Sound, Vibration and Material  coupled with our engineering experience.


Operation and equipment diagnosis technologies

The required level of environmental and safety considerations in corporate activities has been growing higher by the day, and diverse diagnostic and analytic technologies are required for achieving accountability required by the range of stakeholders. We provide optimal solutions for meeting these requirements.


Improvement and reconstruction of business process

We offer business assessment and consulting services on business process improvement; these are necessary for reducing maintenance costs (including the costs of personnel and outsourcing) that constitute a large portion of operating costs, without lowering maintenance quality.


Integrated management of equipment information

To enable our customers to organize their equipment maintenance management processes and realize the PDCA cycle, we provide consultation on system introduction centered on IBM Maximo Asset Management, a global enterprise asset management (EAM) package. Using the outcome of such consultation, we combine and integrate our knowledge on maintenance management with that of our customers to develop individually suited optimal equipment maintenance systems.