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Process Development Support

-Smart Scale-Up Engineering Proposals-

In commercial plants, well-timed commercialization, optimum scale of commercial production, minimization of manufacturing costs, efficient production of high quality products and high reliability etc. are required.

In order to guide ideas at the research and development level through to realization as commercial plants, Chiyoda, while organizing and systematizing the various necessary technologies and furthermore introducing new world leading analysis technology, has developed and implemented more efficient commercialization support methods. “Scale-up engineering” is Chiyoda’s comprehensive technology for raising a process from the research and development scale to that of a commercial production scale plant, in a rational manner, looking from the customer’s point of view. With this scale-up engineering, Chiyoda, from its foundation through to the present day, has aided in guiding the technologies developed by its customers through to the realization of actual commercial plants in a wide range of fields, such as petroleum, petrochemicals and chemistry etc. We have handled more than one hundred such projects. In the future also, we aim to understand the needs of our customers, provide scale-up engineering that will realize the maximum potential of their technological innovations, and progress in line with their expectations.

Customer process commercialization support

Scale-up Engineering

Scale-up Engineering Process