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Process Improvements

Courtesy of RasGas

Since its foundation, Chiyoda has constructed, both within Japan and overseas, a large number of plants relating to the fields of energy sources such as petroleum and natural gas, petrochemicals and chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and general production facilities etc. At the same time, using the abundant expertise and experience cultivated over our many projects, we also offer proposals for improving the efficiency of production in the plants that are of such importance to our customers.

  1. Proposals for improvement of, or application of new technology to, individual equipment and machines
  2. Proposals for capacity enhancement or increased energy efficiency in a process unit
  3. Proposals to increase mutual energy efficiency between multiple process units and utility systems
  4. Proposals to increase the production efficiency and energy efficiency of the whole industrial complex (i.e. amongst multiple plants)
  5. Proposals for capacity enhancement, production efficiency and energy efficiency through the introduction of leading edge technology