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With vast amount of expertise and know-how gained through engineering and constructing the industrial plants, Chiyoda Group is well-positioned to offer its services from the perspectives of Plant Lifecycle Engineering (PLE). We are ready to provide our services throughout the life of a Project, starting from the very initial stage of technology development, its commercialization to feasibility studies, drawing Project development plan, basic design, EPC, commissioning up to operation and maintenance. As indicated in the description below, Chiyoda Group is prepared to provide the high quality services for any phase of the Project in its lifecycle.

Planning Phase

For those clients at the initial planning stage, we will provide our services in studying and planning the Project in the following areas.

EPC Phase

We will be keen to offer our services in delivering a Project, by making contributions in the following areas.

Operation and Maintenance Phase

With engineering expertise and know-how accumulated within the company over the years, we render our services for such areas as operation upgrade, debottlenecking, and trouble-shooting for the plants in operation, adding value to the Project in the following respects.

Plant Lifecycle Engineering