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Concept Selection

Concept Selection by Xodus Group Ltd.


Following the appraisal phase, the design development progresses from feasibility to concept selection. By further defining preferred concept solutions based on technology maturity, operability, safety regulations & risks, technology related risks and clients’ needs, a single optimal solution can be carried forward to definition and through to operation that maximizes project value.

The Chiyoda group is involved in developments from concept through to final decommissioning. This means the Chiyoda group has the experience and resources to identify when – and how – to address technical challenges. Our integrated capabilities provide a deep understanding of recoverable reserves and fluid behavior through plant lifecycle, design / engineering optimum production facilities and production scenarios. Early phase field development work such as feasibility studies, and concept selection in particular, are where most value can be realized for the development, and hence, the concept selected during this phase is crucial. The Chiyoda group's specialist services to support this phase include:

“Xodus Develop”