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Assessment & Appraisal

Assessment & Appraisal by Xodus Group Ltd.

Exploration is the first stage of the upstream project lifecycle when prospects are identified and defined before the appraisal phase is planned. By performing subsurface regional studies and basin modelling, evaluating acreage of prospects, engineering for seismic acquisition and generation of notional development options, appraisal works can be planned.
The appraisal phase seeks to define the prospect and perform preliminary development studies to confirm feasibility given the subsurface and surface predicted conditions.
The Chiyoda group provides seamless specialist services including both surface (offshore and subsea production facilities and installation) and subsurface (geology and/or prospect evaluation and well planning) related design, engineering and consulting services.

Advisory Support:


The Chiyoda group provides upstream technical capabilities covering all aspects of the exploration and appraisal phases supported by expertise in subsurface, wells and surface domains. By combining these areas of expertise, the Chiyoda group can perform all the exploration activities described above and can plan for and support the appraisal phase with:

“Xodus Advisory”

Development Support:

Generally, the appraisal phase is when initial development feasibility is assessed and confirmed in parallel with continuing definition of the prospect. A structured feasibility study process is undertaken to identify, evaluate and recommend development concepts for production facilities in combination with required technologies that are aligned with business goals. the Chiyoda group is experienced in technology surveys having performed such activities for the Japanese Methane Hydrate development amongst others.
The unique suite of consulting skills within the Chiyoda group, as listed below, cover energy production, processing and transportation, technology development and application, environmental performance, technical safety, regulatory compliance and business risk analysis:


“Xodus Develop”