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Execution by EMAS CHIYODA Subsea Ltd.

The Chiyoda group owns and operates a fleet of nine (9) construction vessels which can install subsea facilities such as pipelines, risers, umbilicals and offshore production facilities in shallow and deep water.
The Group can provide the following services utilizing these vessels.



The Chiyoda group can install long distance subsea rigid pipe by reel-lay, S-lay and J-lay and flexible pipe by reel-lay. Additionally, Chiyoda group can fabricate, inspect and spool the rigid pipe for reel-lay at either of our spoolbases located in Norway and the USA.

Umbilical / Power Cable Installation

The Chiyoda group has installation capability for subsea power cables, fiber cables to supply power to offshore platforms, and umbilical cables used for the control and power supply from production facilities to subsea well control systems.

Subsea Structure Installation / Tie-ins

The Chiyoda group install subsea equipment such as manifolds and subsea skids in shallow, deep and ultra-deepwater (3,000m), including associated tie-in operations, not structures or tie-ins.

Heavy Lift Operation

The Chiyoda group have a heavy lift capability for the installation & decommissioning of jacket structures & topside facilities.


Our Fleet 

Lewek Constellation

The Lewek Constellation is latest addition to our world class fleet of pipelay and heavy lift vessels.
With its ability to receive reeled pipe offshore via transfer from a barge, the vessel is capable of laying pipe whilst remaining in the field throughout the project execution, and therefore dramatically reduce the of installation period.
The vessel can also install and decommission offshore facilities, subsea pipelines and mooring systems utilizing it’s 3,000mT heavy lift crane.

Lewek Connector

The Lewek Connector is capable of installing power cables, umbilicals and risers with a total pay-load capacity of 9,000 tonnes. The vessel is capable of operating in up to 3,000m of water and installing cable over a long distance.

Lewek Express

The Lewek Express is able to install rigid pipe, flexible pipe and cable by reel-lay.

Lewek Champion

The Lewek Champion is purposefully built for conventional derrick and lay vessel. The vessel is capable of installating and decommissioning platforms by means of a with 2,200mT heavy lift crane.

Lewek Centurion

The Lewek Centurion is purposefully built for S-lay pipeline installation vessel for use in shallow and deepwater.

Lewek Falcon

The Lewek Falcon is a multifunctional ultra-deepwater Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessel. The vessel is capable of towing, subsea construction, subsea maintenance and repair.

Lewek Inspector

The Lewek Inspector is a light construction and Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) vessel. The vessel has Dynamic Positioning (DP)diesel-electric propulsion, crane and deck for IMR activities.

Lewek Crusader

The Lewek Crusader is a multi-purpose offshore construction vessel. The vessel can be used for commissioning support and floater with accommodation for 500 persons.

AMC Ambassador

The AMC Ambassador is an inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) vessel.