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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Contribution to Local Communities

With the following basic policies, the Chiyoda Group has been conducting its social contribution activities.

  1. Promote activities that contribute to local communities through our businesses
  2. Enhance social contribution activities by providing intelligence and labor
  3. Promote communication with stakeholders
  4. Strengthen collaboration with outside institutions and nonprofit organizations

Welding technology training school in Sakhalin (Fiscal year ended March 2008)

Welding technology training school
in Sakhalin

Further, the Group comprises group companies and field offices in Japan and overseas. Each company’s head office and field offices endeavor to communicate with their stakeholders to continuously realize social contribution activities deep-rooted specifically in their surrounding communities.

Promotion of Employment Opportunities and Transfer of Technology

The Chiyoda Group consistently promotes employment opportunities and technology transfer in Japan and overseas.






Contribution to Local Communities

In addition to the above contributions through its business activities, the Chiyoda Group has been conducting various activities with the aim of cooperating and coexisting with local communities.

Domestic Activities in Japan

Volunteer Activities in the area of Great East Japan Earthquake

The Group has been supporting its members to promote their social contribution activities in regional societies under the motto of “CSR to be promoted by each as a participant” since 2012.  As part of this, volunteer members of the Group employees have been dispatched to the disaster-affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake twice a year, besides the dispatch to Shichiga-hama, Miyagi and Shirakawa, Fukushima. In 2015, the volunteer activities were conducted in Otuchi, Kamaishi and Rikuzen Takata, Iwate Prefecture in May and November. Those activities include reforestation activities under the guidance of Kamaishi Forestry Association and Kirikiri-koku , supporting the community in developing energy circulation system, supporting the construction of a workplace named  “ Nadeshiko Kobo (Studio)” to be used for making regional products and also used for an administration office of the area tourism. (The products are also sold in the Group in-house sale in Yokohama. This sale has been held thirty seven (37) times in total as of FY 2015.)
Furthermore, since 2012 the Group’s employees have also visited a junior high school in Sendai-city, Miyagi annually in reply to the school’s request and given a lecture to the students on its global activities to help them with their career development. The Group also accepted them on their school trip to Chiyoda Global Headquarters in Yokohama.
The Group constantly continues with its efforts to improve its activities by way of exchanging views with regional experts or local residents, and through discussions among the volunteer members including in house questionnaires.

Activities of Chiyoda group companies

Group Companies in Japan

Group Companies overseas