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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Working with Business Partners

Addressing the attendees on
 business activities based on strict compliance

With a view to building mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners, the Chiyoda Group work together as a group to fulfill social responsibility through various projects execution.

Recently, companies are being requested to promote strict compliance to their business partners as well and to share significance of compliance and CSR with them. For the further promotion of our CSR with the business partners including supply chain management, we have been making efforts to familiarize them with our Corporate Philosophy, CSR Visions and various rules. For this purpose, we have delivered “CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY POLICY” to business partners thorough supply chain, and requested them to follow our CSR policy and rules.


Standard business agreement with business partners specifies compliance with construction law, labor standard law, employment security law, industrial safety and health law, workmen’s accident compensation insurance law, and other applicable laws and regulations. In addition, in order to exclude anti-social forces, anti-social exclusion clauses are incorporated to promote CSR procurement in the entire supply chain including business partners.
Also at the annual meeting of the sub-contractors, "Chiyoda Group CSR Handbook" were handed them.

Strengthening Cooperation with Partners

Amid the ongoing changes in the business environment, including the growing size of plants, the increasing sophistication in equipment and demands for earlier project completion, it is becoming increasingly important to select the best suppliers and supervise their work by using our quality management systems.  
To maintain mutually beneficial relationships in procurement, the Chiyoda Group requests business partners to cooperate in the following areas.

  1. Compliance with laws, regulations and ethical guidelines (strict compliance)
  2. Environmental conservation
    Establishment of ISO14001-compliant environmental management systems
    Acquisition of external certifications
    Reduction of hazardous chemicals use
    Promotion of Green Procurement*
  3. On-schedule delivery
  4. Continuous sound management of business operations
  5. Technological improvements
  6. Appropriate quality management
    We take special care in promoting the following
    Education on the necessity of strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontractor Act regarding fair transactions with subcontractors.
    Create and nurture better partnerships with business partners, based on mutual understanding and trust.

Green Procurement

Training in welding a reactor vessel

The Chiyoda Group's Corporate Environmental Policy is to optimize the consumption of resources and energy so as to provide customers with facilities, machinery, equipment and processes that have the least possible environmental impact. As part of this policy, we promote Green Procurement, and we have established Green Procurement promotion guidelines based on the policies endorsed by the Ministry of Environment regarding the promotion of procurement activities of environmentally friendly items, and have been making efforts to familiarize personnel inside and outside our organization with these guidelines since 2006.

The following are examples of our activities: