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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Quality Management Initiatives

Our mission is to provide customers with quality products and services that meet or exceed their expectations.
Quality Management (QM) is the management of all activities required to maintain and continuously improve this level of excellence and includes quality planning, assurance and control. The continuous improvement of quality is based on a Quality Management System (QMS) that aims for total customer satisfaction where emphasis is given to all aspects of quality to handover a product to the customer that satisfies all requirements.

QM for Customer Satisfaction by the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle

The first stage of customer satisfaction begins with our daily works. Normal business routine provides the most suitable platform for employees and organizations within Chiyoda (customers in the Company) to accomplish their duties and this practice will lead to customer satisfaction.
Continuous improvement stems from understanding a process that requires improvement and includes collecting and analyzing information such as customer satisfaction reports and complaints (feedback).


Concept of QM/QC/QA

The conceptual diagram for optimization of roles to deliver a product or service which focuses on meeting or exceeding customer expectations is shown below. QM commences with “customer focus”, provides confidence of meeting or exceeding customer expectations (Quality Assurance) and includes procedures to ensure established quality criteria are met (Quality Control).



Chiyoda received ISO9001:1994 (International Standard of the Quality Management) certification in the field of project management in 1994 which was maintained for ISO9001:2008 and ISO9001:2015. Quality management, aimed at meeting or improving upon customer requirements is included in the Labor, Security, Hygiene, Quality and Environment (SQE) basic policy, and is united with other company management plans.
We register 14 internal auditors, certified by IRCA, and in April 2016 achieved international auditor registration. The auditors conduct QM assistance for mainly large-scale overseas projects as well as domestic projects and routine works. 

Continuous Improvement

The process of continuous improvement in the QM system will include the following actions:

  1. Evaluation of an "Administration Plan" (Quality Targets) in all business divisions to conform to Mid-Term Management Plans by the end of the fiscal year, and strategies for improvement to meet unachieved targets.
  2. Establishment of Labor, Security, Hygiene, Quality, Environment and Information Security Basic Policy, development of quality targets, internal audits, quality through performance data analysis, corrective actions, preventive actions, management reviews, monitoring customer satisfaction, product requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of QMS.
  3. Developing internal audits and checking maintenance and management of QMS to uncover problems and implement solutions.
  4. Utilize internal auditors to penetrate the consciousness of QMS into every corner of the organization for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

Technical Dialogue with Customers and Partners

The Chiyoda Group holds annual dialogues (conferences) with its customers and business partners (including machinery and equipment manufacturers, construction companies, inspection companies) in order to present and discuss the most up-to-date technologies, and to reflect the results of discussion in its work.


Key Agenda


Month / year

Participating Companies

Interphex Japan2015

CTA exhibited at Interphex Japan2015. The exhibition for the display of various kinds of equipment, systems and technology for the production and research and development of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the like.

Chiyoda Corporation and
Chiyoda TechnoAce Co., Ltd.



Pharmaceutical companies

(approx. 650 attendees)


Plant Maintenance Show 2015

 Under the concept that a big data related to a plant should be utilized through a plant life cycle in terms of design, construction, operation and maintenance, the PLDM*1 has been developed.

As the energy, IT and infrastructure engineering company, CST promised to provide solutions for satisfying Customers' requests. 

Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation


290 companies
372 attendees

Seminar for improving skills of Quality Management System Internal Auditors

Education of “Internal Auditor” is the one of the key factors of successful Quality Management System.

CUC*2 runs the annual seminar to support continual improvement of the System.

Chiyoda U-Tech Co., Ltd.
and Client


Equipment Engineering

PM*3Symposium 2015

Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ) has held a symposium specialized for project management since 1997.
In the symposium, CST has set up booth since 1999, packaging case examples of EPM system construction, and providing an explanation about Primavera, PRISM and Aconex.

Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation

Sep. 2015

Engineering companies and construction companies. (Approx 30 attendees)

JOGMEC Techno Forum 2015

Chiyoda demonstrated our advanced technologies in Oil and Gas Development together with our latest updates in the above new business fields.

Chiyoda Corporation


approx. 900 attendees

CST*4 PROJECT CLOUD Release Seminar

With a start of cloud service, ”CST PROJECT CLOUD” which is specialized in an establishment of the platform of next-generation project management, CST held seminars in Tokyo and Kobe targeting for engineering, construction and manufacturing companies.

Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation


approx. 50 attendees

ChAS Forum 2015

The Technical exchange meeting entitled "To Reduce Risks".

Chiyoda  Corporation ChAS Project Operations


More than 30 businesses and organizations and Chiyoda Group companies.

(Over 200 attendees)


INCHEM TOKYO is the Japan's only exhibition specialized in chemical/process industries and environment / engineering. Since its first opening in 1966, this exhibition has a long history and it has been contributing to the development of these industries as much as of the Japanese economy growth.

Chiyoda Corporation
Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation

Nov. 2015

Equipment Engineering

(approx. over 1,000 attendees)


The theme of this seminar was “Regulatory compliance and the use of MES solutions”. CST caught a trend of the industry by inviting the ex-FDA inspector as a keynote speaker. MES DAY provided the pharmaceutical companies with interesting and important information about “Investigating the trend and compliance of the laws and regulations”.

Co-hosted by Werum Software & System
Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation

Nov. 2015

26 pharmaceutical companies

40 attendees


Chiyoda participated in the 18th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG18)which was held in Perth, Australia from 12th to 15th April 2016.

Through these events, relationship with our clients and business partners have been enhanced and further strengthened.

Chiyoda Corporation



*1 PLDM:Plant Lifecycle Data Management
*2 CUC:Chiyoda U-Tech Co., Ltd.
*3 PM:Project Management
*4 CST:Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation
*5 MES:Manufacturing Execution System