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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Environmental Conservation Activities

Environmental Activity Categories

Chiyoda Corporation’s main operations are in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of plants/facilities, project management with the related support services and research and development. We categorize these operations into EPC, Office and R&D activities, as shown in the diagram below, which also correspond to our environmental activity categories.

Chiyoda Corporation have set environmental or HSE targets for the three areas of EPC, office and R&D. In addition, in Japan and overseas we contribute to the environment through our core business and monitor environmental impact at construction sites and offices while energetically undertaking environmental activities such as promoting recycling and green procurement.

Environmental Activities

EPC Activities

Chiyoda Corporation establishes annual environmental goals(HSE targets) for each of its specialized engineering and procurement departments based on the environmental targets shown below. Self-evaluations of performance at the end of the first half and the full fiscal year are applied to the following fiscal year's activities.

<EPC Activities toward Environmental Targets(HSE targets) in the Fiscal Year Ended March 2016>

Target 1 -- Offer Proposals to Customers Considering for harmony with the environment

 Target 2 -- Assess and reduce output of construction by-products

※Note: Starting from the fiscal year ended March 2011, residue after incineration is estimated at 7 percent of pre-incinerated waste volume and added to final landfill quantity.

Office Activities
<Office Energy Conservation Activities in the Fiscal Year Ended March 2016>

A district heating and cooling system is adopted in the new office building to get energy saving effect. In addition, we participate in Yokohama smart city project.

Research and Development Activities

The following are examples of activities based on targets of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management System for research and development in the Fiscal Year Ended March 2016.

<Environment activities toward Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Targets for research and development in the Fiscal Year Ended March 2016>

Target 1 -- Ensure compliance with the operation of occupational health and safety management system
  • The Group acted to enforce RA (Risk Assessment), the RA review in case the occurrence of a change of the work or a near mistake that might lead to an accident, and to enhance the safety for contracted persons as well. We strengthen the role of the Koyasu HSE executive committee, to sustain a sufficient system for Occupational Health and Safety.

Target 2 -- Enhance the Safety Culture
  • The Group performed periodical confirmation of working environment and safety system installed at the site of Research and Development Center. We also inplemented steady enforcement such as measurement of working environment demanded legally and the special medical examination. We think we achieved the targets, because we have done all activities on schedule set at the beginning of this term.

  • The Group carried out safety education in accordance with "Education and Training plan in fiscal year ended March 2016", "Education and Training Plan of procedure against Accident and Emergency " which we planned to complete for three years, and "Safety Education plan in fiscal year ended March 2016" called for high pressure gas. In addition, when a near mistake that might lead to an accident, occurred by the Koyasu HSE executive committee was held to discuss and feed back the results to each workplace. We evaluate that we could perform the HSE training as planned.

Material Flow

Material flow in business activities for the fiscal year ended March 2016 is shown below.