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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR


The Chiyoda Group set forth and carried out initiatives to implement basic principles on preserving biodiversity (below).

1. Adhere to agreements and laws concerning biodiversity
2. Conduct biodiversity-conscious corporate activities
3. Raise employee awareness of biodiversity preservation
4. Proactively disclose information on initiatives

Among the Convention on Biological Diversity’s three goals: (1) conservation of biodiversity, (2) sustainable use of its components and (3) fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from generic resources, we focus on conservation of biodiversity.

Internal Activities

Environmental Proposal for the Clients
As an internal initiative, Chiyoda aggressively makes environmental proposals to customers in engineering, procurement and construction work on plants and facilities. We made 316 such proposals for domestic and overseas projects in the fiscal year ended March 2016.

Development of Environmentally-Friendly Technologies 
As explained in the Overview of Chiyoda’s Environmental Technologies ,Chiyoda has been developing  environmentally friendly technologies related to clean energy ,prevention of global warming, air pollution control and waste water treatment.

Participating in the Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership
Chiyoda Group is participating in the Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership. Our aim at “harmony between energy and the environment” defined in our corporate philosophy has something in common with the Vision 2050 “Living in harmony with nature” adopted at the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10).

Chiyoda Group is making the efforts below for conservation of biodiversity.

(1) Efforts in the business operations
   ・ Steady supply of environmentally friendly LNG and renewable energy
   ・ Carbon management toward low carbon society
   ・ Optimizing energy consumption, detoxifying, reducing and recycling emissions and waste
   ・ Development of eco-friendly technologies
   ・ Reducing the environmental impact on and around construction sites

(2) Efforts by CSR activities
   ・ “Chiyoda no mori (Chiyoda’s forest),” reforestation in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture as part of
    reconstruction assistance for earthquake-stricken areas
   ・The report on this activity is posted on the website of Green Wave launched by the UN
    Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

We will continue with the efforts above while referring to the 20 Aichi targets adopted to halt the decline in biodiversity at COP10.

Forest Preservation Activities

Reforestation in Chiyoda no Mori (Chiyoda’s forest)

As a part of restoration activities following the Great East Japan Earthquake, we are cooperating for such activities as tree thinning and planting activities in the areas damaged by bushfires due to tsunami in Kamaishi and Otsuchi.
In 2015, Chiyoda started new activity in which Chiyoda no mori (Chiyoda’s forest), was provided by the owner of the forest and 500 trees were planted in the area.
The report on this activity is posted on the website of Green Wave launched by the UN Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Participation in Local Forest Preservation Activities

As one of its biodiversity preservation initiatives, Chiyoda has joined Foundation Kanagawa Trust Midori to support employees’ forest preservation activities.