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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Employee Skill Development and Work Environment

The Chiyoda Group promotes employee training with respect for the diversity, individuality and character of employees, and works to create a satisfying and energetic work environment.

Employee Training System

Our human resource development program consists of systems to strengthen organizational and management capabilities and to enhance individual professionalism and encourage self-improvement.

  1. Career Development Program (CDP)

The Career Development Program (CDP) was created to support development of individual career path for employees by using a career development sheet (CDS) which shows details of desired career steps. By using this CDS, followed interviews will conducted with relative managers and HR supervisors who discuss the employee’s career development. This process is repeatedly achieved every three years in principle. Included information in CDS are their sentiment and feelings toward their current job, specific technology field and qualifications they wish to acquire, an expectation of career direction, plan of internal job rotation, and career goals. Through the interviews, the employee can aware one’s capability and potentiality, career direction, and agree with personal challenges to improve one’s capability.

  1. Stage Up training

Various training programs are available at employee’s career milestone stages. Those training programs are focusing on to raise awareness of the employee’s to find their own capability and potentiality as well as those areas of improvement. In additional, those programs give them an opportunity to partake in the reinforcement of the internal network in Chiyoda group.We are especially pouring our energies into new graduates training held on every April and May. The on-boarding program is including various introductory training, such as business etiquette, basic information about Chiyoda and so on. Plant Engineering training gives a background and basic knowledge of plant engineering business and execution of project management to the trainees. Meanwhile, ETF (English Tune-up for Freshman) training aims to help new employees boost their English skills. In addition, new employees partake in a three-month overseas training program after completing two-month introductory classroom training that is unique and special meaning for them. The objective of overseas training is to learn what businesses Chiyoda actually carries out and to impart real-life knowledge that will later be directly connected with their actual jobs through on-the-job experience at international environment. Assignment of this overseas training is determined based on the plan of their career path. During this training, new employees are deeply immersed in Chiyoda engineering based culture through on-the-job training at the construction site or our group companies in abroad.

  1. Training for key position of Project Management

To ensure the success completion of a project operation, competent project manager (PM), top of project execution, is needed to head up the project. In order to turn out PMs with enough capability, we are implementing training programs and provide the planned assignment of key position of project. In addition to PMs, we also provide training opportunities for Project Key Person, such as Engineering manager (EM) and Business manager (BM).

  1. Chiyoda Engineering Academy

The Chiyoda Engineering Academy is a collective terms for the series of training course of technical knowledge and skill for of young engineers. This is being implemented jointly with Chiyoda U-Tech Co., Ltd., our affiliated company, in order to achieve smooth technology transfer, including the highly specialized knowledge and well experienced practice on engineering from senior skillful engineers to young engineers. Those courses are also open to Chiyoda Group companies and it contributes to develop overall technological capabilities of the Chiyoda group’s. In addition to technical knowledge courses, we are also providing English training seminars that focus on specialized business skills for carrying out ongoing job, such as negotiation skill and presentation skill. 

  1. Talent management through the Performance Appraisal system

One of the goals of Performance Appraisal system is the growth and development of young employees. Young employees and their supervisors set and share the goals of skill, knowledge and experience for the every year and followed by feedback interviews;  Through this system, we are able to reinforce initiatives for acquiring and implementing knowhow, obtaining qualifications, and for external activities.

  1. Self-improvement supporting program

We provide financial support to our employees to acquire knowledge and skills related to executing the job, official qualifications and licenses and  participate in lectures organized by external organizations. To keep active vitalization in our wide range of business domains, we are supporting self-improvement initiatives that motivate employees to deepen their specialization while also broadening their horizons.

A Satisfying Work Environment

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