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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Promotion of Diversity

The Chiyoda Group have been proactively continuing every effort to create a corporate culture and working environment where the diversity, individuality and characters of employees are respected and employees are motivated to vividly work irrespective of sex, nationality age, religion, etc. This is based on our belief that a variety of perspectives gained through promoting the diversity will increase the organization’s strength of being flexible and coping with various situations.

Promote Female Advancement

As a part of those promotion of diversity, to ensure further optimization of the Group’s activity, the Group established practical plan named “activity plan to promote of female advancement” following set up the law of promotion of female advancement.

Activity of a Task Team aimed at Changing the Employee’s Mentality

Chiyoda Group highly respects the diversity and individuality of employees and their personalities. We are making efforts to create a supportive environment, provide assistance and change the employees’ mentality to help them make the most of their potential in the workplace regardless of gender, nationality, age or religion.

As part of the efforts to promote diversity, Chiyoda is engaged in two major activities. One of them is a task team aimed at changing the employees’ mentality about female participation in the workplace. The task team, formed in 2014, gathers and exchanges information and organizes lectures by outside lecturers. The team is seeking to build a corporate culture and a system that enable women to fulfill their potential without depending much on their own efforts, supervisors’ decisions, the working environment or the atmosphere. The team provides not only female but also male employees with a chance to review their ways of working in the light of development and advancement of women in the workplace.

The thema of lectures of the FY2014 to the FY2015
 ・ Environment and corporation evaluation system that able to fulfill their potential
 ・ Infinite possibilities change an organization
 ・ Diversity as a global management

Activity through Human Rights Working Group

We are participating the human rights working group hosted by Global Compact Network Japan and are discussing various subjects related to “businesses and human rights” with other participants. Those subjects include the clear understanding of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuality, Transgender) and the attitude toward LGBT people in recruitment. We feed back what is discussed into our employee training to increase their awareness of human rights. That will help promote Chiyoda’s diversity.

The thema of activity of the FY2015
 ・ Guiding principles concerning business and human rights
 ・ Proper understanding and appropriate correspondence during recruiting