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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Chiyoda Group Activities

Chiyoda Group Companies and Ichthys LNG project carry out the following activities.

Chiyoda Almana Engineering LLC (Chiyoda Almana)

Competencies development via annual Employee’s Performance Evaluation

Annual Performance Evaluation for employees

From our deep respect to offer equal opportunities to all employees and secure a
career development path, in 2015 and on annual bases, Chiyoda Almana conduct
a Performance Evaluation process for all employees aiming to assess the
employee performance during the completed year against the established
competencies and to determine the required competencies development and
training spots. During the process of this performance evaluation all employees
have the chance to discuss and express their comments and career aspiration.

Create a safe work environment

We respect all our employees’ right to have a safe work environment. We strive
to improve the safety awareness of our employees as they are the central for
Chiyoda Almana’s success. Through the implementation of OHSAS 18001
standard, we target to reach and maintain our excellent safety records by helping
our personnel to practice the safety culture as part of daily work activities and to
grow the safety conscious among employees and all stakeholders.
In this regard, 4 Safety Inductions to almost 39 employees have been organized
within the year 2015. The safety inductions are aiming to educate employees
about the Safety Golden Roles.

Chiyoda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (CMSB)

Fire Awareness Talk

CMSB had organized Fire Prevention Awareness Talk to promote on the importance of fire prevention awareness among our employees. The event was held in CMSB multipurpose hall at level 39 Cap Square Tower, Kuala Lumpur on 25 February 2015 and 17 November. The purpose of this talk to emphasize on the seriousness of fire incident occurred in Malaysia, its effect and the tips on fire incident basic management.

L&TC-Chiyoda Limited (L&TC)

Participants at a small gathering in L&TC

Celebration of International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s day, LTC organized a small gathering for LTC females.
A short film on women safety was projected in this gathering. After the film, all presented employees shared their own experiences.

A part of participants at Medical Seminar
in Chiyoda Almana

Chiyoda Almana also arranged a Medical Seminar for the company’s women employees under the title “Leading Healthy Lifestyle and Cancer Awareness”  to celebrate and memorize the International Women’s Day.

Ichthys Project

IIF (Incident Injury Free):Green Hornets

A deficiency in the site wide walkway due to barricading, erection and maintenance on the project had led to a generative approach which eventually saw the creation of the Green Hornets Action Team in August 2015.  The Green Hornet team are an IIF initiative that helps support the project with better barricading, erection and maintenance on the project to improve project safety.

Well Being / Mental Health Awareness

Safety is the number one priority on the Ichthys Project. Whether it is physical or well being, JKC has focused on improving overall safety awareness. Mental Health is an increasingly important issue in the broader community, and the construction industry is similarly impacted. JKC has engaged, a provider of well being and mental health services to support the Projects campaign to increase mental health awareness and give people the opportunity to communicate more openly about mental health.

Recognising Women on the Project

More than 1,000 women currently work across the Project in various roles. JKC and INPEX organised a day to celebrate women on the Project. Morning and lunch time sessions were held for employees to hear inspirational women share their journeys in the industry. The event raised over $500 for the Palmerston Girls Academy. Subcontractors also held their own events, which raised money for the same cause.