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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Compliance Initiatives

Compliance Program, System

Compliance Training

Risk Assessment

The Chiyoda Group conduct “Risk Assessment” every fiscal year in order to identify the risks which we have to deal with preferentially. We select such risks by plotting all risks according to the frequency of occurrence, the degrees of damages and present measures. We implement the countermeasures specific to such risks.

Implementation of Preventive Measures (Control Activities)

The Chiyoda Group implement the following preventive measures/ procedures , among other things, particularly for high risk items: ・Due Diligence relating to compliance on business partners of our supply chain including vendors, subcontractors, agents, consultants prior to forming the tie-up ・ Prior approval or confirmation procedures for foreign governmental officials, OFAC, biddings for public works , payments for entertainment fees, etc.


As part of our mechanism for ensuring compliance of Chiyoda Group Code of Conduct, we have also implemented monitoring periodically, and made improvements if required. The monitoring includes “the Construction Industry Law”, “the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors”, “Unfair Competition Act” (to prevent bribes to foreign officials), and “the Anti-Trust Law” (to prevent bid rigging), etc.
All divisions in CGH and group companies conduct “self-assessment”, and they monitor their activities as for Compliance themselves.
The Compliance Unit in charge of promoting compliance monitor the compliance activities in Chiyoda Group including all divisions and group activities and review the compliance program for the next fiscal year.
Besides the Compliance Unit, the Internal Audit Unit as an independent organization also conducts auditing activities.


Compliance Consultation and Reporting System

The purpose of the Group’s consultation and reporting system (hotline, whistleblowing system), dubbed “Welcome to All about Compliance,” is to quickly detect and prevent any illegal activities or unethical conduct, whether actual or suspected, using a framework that properly processes reports and consultations regarding unethical conduct and illegal activities by individuals or organizations.
This hotline is operated jointly by Chiyoda, its eight domestic Group companies and sixteen overseas Group companies. It has an External Consultation Center with a lawyer available to everyone in the workplace and staff who specialize in women’s workplace issues.

In the fiscal year 2015(ended in March 2016), the system received reports as follows.
Feedback of investigation results to the employees from the appropriate department in accordance with whistleblowing procedures.


(CGH only) 

Violation of law, Anti-Bribery


Workplace Environment Improvement


Labor, work rules, morals




There was no violation of law in fiscal year 2015.
Disciplinary against deviancy will be punished by labor regulations etc. depending on the degree.