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Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR

Commitment to CSR


Sustained Growth and Reinforcing Our Reputation for Reliability

Message from the President

Commitment to CSR

The Chiyoda Group’s CSR activities and CSR promotion structure.

Chiyoda Group CSR Vision

The Chiyoda Group’s CSR Vision, to earn the trust and understanding of all stakeholders.

A Reliable Company - CSR Vision 1 -

The Chiyoda Group strives to be a reliable company to our customers and other business partners by providing world-class technologies and knowledge.

Environmental Initiatives - CSR Vision 2 -

The Chiyoda Group promotes harmony between the global environment and economic and social activities and remains an invaluable company to society.

Social Contributions through Business Activities - CSR Vision 3 -

The Chiyoda Group contribute to local communities through our engineering activities.

Respect for Human Rights - CSR Vision 4 -

The Chiyoda Group respects the human rights and creates a corporate culture where people are motivated, and of which employees and their families are proud.

Commitment to Fairness - CSR Vision 5 -

The Chiyoda Group is dedicated to achieving greater transparency and stability by conducting our operations fairly in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

CSR Report

The Chiyoda Group has published Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report by introducing our activities relating to the aspects of "economy", "society" and "energy" in addition to "environment".