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About Chiyoda

Corporate Risk Management Policy

April 01, 2015

The world energy business field, where Chiyoda plays its major roles, is in the midst of drastic structural changes. Not only ourselves, the members of Chiyoda Corporation including its group companies (hereinafter collectively called “Chiyoda Group”) but also regions we do business in, and partners we deal with, have been more and more diversified than ever before. According to such changes in the business circumstances, risks Chiyoda Group faces have also grown diversified, complicated and extensive.

Chiyoda Group promotes the risk management activities and planning/ implementing Corporate Strategy as the robust wheels to support and drive maintaining/creating Corporate Value. Chiyoda Group ensures to properly disclose its business risk information to the stakeholders so as to increase transparency, to mitigate those risks by taking proactive countermeasures, then to achieve the business target. That is exactly the aim of CORPORATE RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY. The purposes and action guidelines are defined as follow.

  1. Purposes
    • To maximize corporate value
    • To maintain corporate assets
    • To secure business continuity
    • To gain confidence of all the stakeholders including shareholders, clients, employees
    • To promote a preventive Safety and Health Culture, in which safety comes first
  2. Action guidelines
    • To report risk information immediately and share the information among the parties concerned.
    • To ensure that all the directors and employees must well understand the importance of risk management and to make their best efforts in managing risks.
    • To believe that every accident is preventable and conduct daily activities with this consciousness.
    • To remember that the risks are defined as uncertainties which might affect the company’s interests and that we must manage risks in a rational and an optimal method from an overall perspective so as to maximize corporate value.

Every personnel in Chiyoda Group, regardless of where the one works, is required to follow the above.