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About Chiyoda

Code of Conduct of the Chiyoda Group

We set the Code of Conduct of the Chiyoda Group, as provided below, in April 2006, and established the Compliance Unit under the supervision by the Compliance Committee to promote and enforce the principles reflected therein.
We review the Code of Conduct every year, taking into account the new legislation, legal reform and transformation of social demand.

April 1, 2009(Rev.1)
April 1, 2006

We, Chiyoda Group, recognize that all business activities are based on earning the trust and understanding of society and clients. To ensure that our business activities conform to social standards, we fully comply with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulations as well as our own rules, and conduct business activities in accordance with the following principles.

  1. To earn the trust of clients by constantly improving quality in order to supply useful facilities and services.
  2. To do business with transparency, free competition and fairness in order to earn the trust and understanding of society and clients concerning our corporate activities.
  3. To maintain strong lines of communication not only with shareholders and other stakeholders but also with society at large, and to disclose corporate information willingly and fairly.
  4. To recognize that helping to solve environmental issues is an essential part of our business activities as an engineering company, and to contribute to society while cooperating with governments and their agencies.
  5. To reject all contact with anti-social organizations and never offer these organizations any benefits.
  6. To handle personal information and client information with utmost care and attention and use intellectual property in an appropriate manner without infringing on the owner's intellectual property rights.
  7. To draw a line between official company activities and private activities, and never take any action that would be detrimental to the company.
  8. To respect the human rights of all people. Also, to respect the diversity, individuality and character of employees and endeavor to ensure employees' health and safety by providing a suitable working environment.
  9. Senior management shall recognize that implementing the spirit of this code is their responsibility, and shall make related parties aware of this code by setting an example through their leadership. Senior management shall also heed the voice of stakeholders, both internally and externally, and take initiatives to solve the issues violating the Code of Conduct and strive to establish an effective framework for implementing these principles.

("Chiyoda Group Employee’s Practical Guide" provides the detail instructions based on the Code of Conduct.)