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About Chiyoda

Philosophy / Vision / Policies

Corporate philosophy

Enhance our business in aiming for harmony between energy and the environment and contribute to the sustainable development of a society as an integrated engineering company through the use of our collective wisdom and painstakingly developed technology.

Every Chiyoda Group employee engages in our corporate activities with this philosophy in mind as we strive for corporate group management that earns the trust and empathy of all of our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities.

Business vision: The aim of Chiyoda

The aim of the Chiyoda Group is to respond to the requirement of the times, to create value and open up new frontiers, and become the "Reliability No. 1" Project Engineering Company by establishing ourselves as the world's most dependable project engineering company. We will continue to develop and produce sustained growth by implementing our cutting-edge engineering in various fields.