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About Chiyoda

Management Team(Representative Directors)

As of  April 1, 2017

Mr. Keiichi Nakagaki, Senior Executive Vice President (Acting President & CEO)

Mr. Keiichi Nakagaki

Mr. Keiichi Nakagaki joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1975. After being resident in France between 1976 and 1978, where he learned the language, he was assigned to the Chemical Plant Department in Japan. In 1980, he was involved in a joint bid with Chiyoda Corporation and secured an EPC contract for a fertilizer plant for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). From 1986, Mr. Nakagaki was pursuing oil & gas projects in Indonesia where he was responsible for arranging the project finance for Bontang Train-E in Kalimantan Island. During his assignments in Jakarta from 1989 - 1995, and again from 2000 - 2004, he secured EPC contracts for LNG Train-F and Train-G jointly with Chiyoda Corporation, and also took part in arrangement of project finance for those projects.

From 2004, Mr. Nakagaki took up the position of Corporate Planning Officer at the Group CEO Office of the Machinery Group. He was appointed as General Manager of the Group CEO Office in 2007, where he was responsible for corporate planning, investment and regional strategy. Mr. Nakagaki was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2008 and became Chairman & Managing Director of Mitsubishi Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. He dedicated himself to the expansion of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group’s business in India.

Mr. Nakagaki joined Chiyoda Corporation in April 2013 as a Senior Advisor and was promoted to Senior Executive Vice President in June 2013. He places the highest priority on “team work” and “good communication” and, by following this principle, he hopes to contribute to the further growth of the Chiyoda Group.

Mr. Hiroshi Ogawa, Senior Executive Vice President

Mr. Hiroshi Ogawa

Mr. Ogawa joined the company in 1977. After serving as a fired heater engineer and site supervisor, he experienced most of the positions at the projects in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran and Qatar. Whilst working on those projects, he was able to enhance his technical and management capabilities by means of engaging in most phases of the projects from the engineering phase through to the construction. Mr. Ogawa was appointed Executive Officer in 2005, Managing Executive Officer in 2006, Managing Executive Officer (Director) in 2009, Senior Managing Executive Officer (Representative Director) in 2010, and Senior Executive Vice President (Representative Director) in April 2013. He considers that his role is to thoroughly investigate problems to determine the cause to fix the troubles regardless of whether they are minor and checking the improvement.

Mr. Ogawa is finding a way of pulling company’s best strength systematically as an organization while taking full advantage of employees’ abilities. He hopes to change the present company into the company that every employee to go to the office and work every morning.

Mr. Katsuo Nagasaka, Senior Executive Vice President

Mr. Katsuo Nagasaka

Mr. Katsuo Nagasaka joined Chiyoda Corporation in 1976. His nickname was “Fire Ball Boy” during his early days at Chiyoda. After his first assignment to international procurement, he was stationed in New York City and Houston and spent about 6 and a half years as procurement coordinator as well as administrator at the Chiyoda USA subsidiary. Mr. Nagasaka’s experience with American business during this period turned out to be useful for his remaining career, especially for business relationships with international clients. Mr. Nagasaka returned to Japan in 1984, where he was engaged in international sales and marketing. In 1987 his second assignment outside Japan started in Nigeria. In 1992 he worked in mid-long term business development as a staff member of the Strategic Sales and Marketing office. He became the head of the Refinery and Petrochemical Sales Division in 2004 and was promoted to Director and head of the Sales and Marketing Division in 2012. He is currently Representative Director and Executive Vice President.

Mr. Nagasaka believes that “change and growth” can be only attained by considering the environmental situation including change in the client’s needs, and by taking actions in a timely manner. He has firmly committed himself to contributing to All Chiyoda group of companies through the philosophy, “Global View & Local Focus!” 

Mr. Masahito Kawashima, Executive Vice President & CFO

Mr. Masahito Kawashima

Mr. Masahito Kawashima joined Chiyoda Corporation in November 2010 as Senior Advisor, was appointed as Senior Managing Executive Officer & CFO in April 2011 and became Representative Director in June.

Mr. Kawashima’s career was previously in banking. He joined The Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd. (later The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.) in 1976, gaining experience of banking and project finance with major domestic and foreign companies at the International Division, Corporate Banking Division, Mitsubishi Bank of Australia Limited and Structured Finance Division. As General Manager of Credit Supervision Ⅱ in 2001, the Odenmacho Commercial Banking Office in 2002 and the Osaka Commercial Banking Office in 2004, he became involved in investment and loan screening for business development and valued clients. He then joined the bank’s affiliated companies and, from 2006 until his appointment by Chiyoda Corporation, was a key member of the management for venture capital and servicers.

In his position with Chiyoda Corporation, Mr. Kawashima will implement a strategy of steady growth based on the mid and long term vision, and is aiming to satisfy the stakeholders by overseeing sustainable expansion of corporate value.

Mr. Kawashima places priorities on “accountability”, “transparency” and “speed”.